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I’m a big believer that real health shouldn’t feel out of reach or be filled with
wellness wankery

Here's the thing

If following restrictive diets and punishing your body worked, wouldn’t you be at your goal weight by now?

I’m all about helping you be healthy and feel good in your body without giving up 95% of your life to try and weigh 5% less.

Seeing people transform their health, and relationship to food and their bodies, by giving the middle finger to diet culture and embracing real health is what floats my boat. I’ve been hard at work creating the resources and support to help you stay on track, no matter where you are on your journey.

A new approach to health

I’ve watched many health fads come and go during my decade of being a dietitian-who-genuinely-likes-people. But my approach has remained the same, because it’s rooted in real health.

In our programs and apps, I help you:

  • Eat intuitively, i.e. eat when you’re hungry, not according to a meal plan
  • Crowd in what you want to eat more of, instead of creating a list of forbidden foods
  • Add in enjoyable exercise and mental health movement - cause exercise shouldn’t feel like a punishment for eating
  • Build unconditional confidence, the kind that doesn’t come off with make-up or Spanx
  • Respect your body, and maybe even love your body one day (even if you’ve been hating it for years).

Back to Basics App

Want to be healthy but can’t handle going on another pesky diet? I’ve got your back. The Back to Basics App has everything you need to be healthy without all the diet nonsense. Designed to take the stress out of working out what’s for dinner, makes shopping a breeze plus get enjoyable on-demand workouts that don’t feel like punishment and expert mindset tips to help you stay on track… and oh-so much more.

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Keep It Real Program

Can’t stop eating? Feel out of control with food? As someone who battled binge eating disorder for almost 10 years, I feel you. But it doesn’t have to be this way. My Keep It Real program contains the exact strategies, resources and 1-1 support from me that has helped thousands break free from binge and emotional eating and heal their relationship with food for good.


Back to Basics Pregnancy App

When I fell pregnant I couldn’t find an easy-to-use resource that included everything I needed in one spot: pregnancy-friendly recipes, safe workouts, expert womens health advice and postnatal support to guide me through all the weird and wonderful changes happening in my body. So, along with leading experts, I created the Back to Basics Pregnancy App to give mamas-to-be everything they need in one place.

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NEW book - Your Weight Is Not The Problem

Finally, a health book that doesn’t suck. This book is the ultimate non-diet guide to make healthy habits that stick. Liberate yourself from food guilt and self-blame with a new approach to health that doesn't rely on willpower or counting calories, because you can't live a full life on an empty stomach.


Book #1 - The Nude Nutritionist

I spent a decade on diets that didn’t work. It was exhausting! In The Nude Nutritionist book, I share my personal experience - along with my expertise as a dietitian and nutritionist - to help you be healthy without dieting. Its packed with 50+ Healthly, easy recipes that taste awesome and no-nonsense nutrition advice, that’s actually doable. It’s the perfect gift for your loved ones.