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"I cannot recommend this book highly enough!"
"It is especially relevant to anyone who has cycled through a series of diets, worries about out of control weight gain or struggle with self image."
- Steph, Sydney
"Lyndi has changed the way I look at food"
"This inspiring book is like having a best friend over your shoulder in the kitchen, making you feel great about yourself while cooking up easy, delicious recipes".
- Dave, Sydney
"I seriously didn't know I needed this in my life!"
"This book is incredible. i'm a teenager and i didn't think it would interest me... but i was wrong! This book will change your entire perspective about food for the better.”
- Sai, Victoria
"Loved it so much I bought it for others"
"Loved the book because it changes your mindset on food and being healthy. Loved it so much I bought a book for my mum and friends."
- JJ, Sydney

Inside The Nude Nutritionist Book

This book is for you if:

  • You know what you 'should' be eating
    but struggle to stick to your goals.
  • You're overwhelmed by confusing nutrition info
    and don't know what to trust anymore.
  • You're either 'really good' or eating ice-cream
    straight from the tub.
  • You've tried every diet and program
    only to realise they aren't sustainable.
  • You want to be healthy without dieting, spending hours in the kitchen or millions on weird superfoods.

What's included

50+ Healthy, easy recipes
that taste awesome
No-nonsense nutrition advice
That's actually doable
Perfect gift for loved ones
Give to your mum or friends

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Break the "I'll start again on Monday" diet loop

About the author

I spent a decade on diets that didn't work. It was exhausting!

I'd lose weight and feel great but eventually, I'd regain it all (plus more)! Then each Monday, I'd start all over again.

I wasted so much time, money and energy on these so-called 'health programs" that made me feel guilty for eating carbs and obsessed with food. I was either all-or-nothing.

Finally, I decided to try a new approach to food. I lost 20kg but that turned out to be just an added bonus because now my life isn't controlled by food.

In The Nude Nutritionist book, I share my personal experience - along with my expertise as a dietitian and nutritionist - to help you be healthy without dieting.

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