Looking for good swimsuit brands, that are comfortable, stylish AND fit your body type? Look no further. Here are my 10 favourite picks.

I wore bikinis every summer for years… and trying to look good in a bikini – or find one that fits, or going shopping for a bikini – was always frustrating and unenjoyable for me.

Now, I’m loving that one-piece swimsuits are in fashion.

And I’ve realised they suit my body the best.

I feel comfortable, I can swim without worrying about whether my boob is going to fall out and I get less sun exposure.

Finding good swimsuit brands that make you feel comfortable in your body is key for a fun day by the water! Image: Lyndi Cohen
Finding good swimsuit brands that make you feel comfortable in your body is key for a fun day by the water! Image: Lyndi Cohen

The best Instagram swimsuit brands

I recently asked you on Instagram what your favourite one-piece swimsuit brands are. I got so many responses, I really wanted to create a list.

Full-piece swimsuits can be sexy and functional. 

I believe we all have the right to feel good in a swimsuit so I’ve included brands that have a wide range of sizes to suit different bodies and promote real bodies.

I’ve also included brands that have bikinis on offer because you should wear what makes you feel good.

I left out any recommendations that seem to only promote one body type, i.e. the thin ideal. I’m not keen to promote it.

My tips for shopping hot summer swimwear

Here are some things I’ve learned about shopping for swimsuits:

  • If you have a larger bust, completely open swimsuits (the one with the deep V between your breast line), don’t offer much support. I prefer swimsuits with a strap running underneath the bust.
  • Halter or spaghetti straps can also be painful on your shoulders. Get supported!
  • A high waist is almost always flattering and makes you feel sexy. Show off those legs.
  • Tie-up bikini bottoms are great because you can adjust as you need, meaning minimal pulling – helping you feel good on holiday.
  • If it’s white, make sure it’s properly lined to avoid see-through swimmers.
  • Full-coverage bottoms can be just as sexy as skimpy cuts. Wear what you feel comfortable in.

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Dodge ‘how to get a bikini body’ BS messages this summer

Before I reveal my top 10 swimwear brands…

As the warmer months get closer in the southern hemisphere, as do the onslaught of ‘quick fix’ messages, emphasising that you are not enough.

If you are a dedicated listener of my podcast No Wellness Wankery, you would know that is BS.

If you’re new. Welcome. 

Unlike what all the magazines, social media, radio ads, television ads or billboards tell us… your ‘summer body’ isn’t earned by removing all your body hair, colouring in your brows or finally getting ‘toned’.

We were not surprised when a question came through from our lovely listener Mel, about how to best dodge these BS, quick fix, expensive messages. And get back to living our lives.

Click below to tune in.

Podcast No Wellness Wankery

My Guide | Best swimsuits brands for all body types

So, let’s get into the juicy stuff!

Here are some of the best swimsuit brands with flattering cuts to suit your body at the moment. 

If you think I’ve left out some gems, write a comment at the bottom!


It’s easier to see what a swimsuit will look like on you when you see it on models with your body type (or at least, closer to it).


A post shared by aerie (@aerie) on Apr 10, 2018 at 6:56am PDT

Indigo Luna Yoga and Swim

This company makes bamboo clothing and 100% plant dyed options that are pretty and practical. I love their ethos and worldwide shipping.

Camp Cove Swim

Aussie swimwear label with cute vintage style prints, made from recycled fabric. Pretty cool, hey?


A post shared by Camp Cove Swim (@campcoveswim) on Jun 27, 2018 at 11:47pm PDT

Une One Piece

Where fashion and function meet! A very chic solution to sun protection. Yes – they are the creators of the sexy rashie. It can be done… Note: they also have non-rash vest options.

The Fold

Busty babes, rejoice! A swimsuit brand making swimwear that gives you support and goes up to a size G. Mega fabulous. This isn’t a one-piece but it’s no string bikini either.


A post shared by D+ Swim (@thefoldswim) on Aug 1, 2018 at 3:21am PDT

Sequins and Sand

A (mostly) size-inclusive swimwear brand with sizes from 10-30. I love their body positive feed.

Rad Swim

A playful swimwear brand for all ages. If you like colour and print and want something that stands out – you might love this brand.


A post shared by Rad Swim (@rad_swim) on Oct 19, 2017 at 4:01pm PDT

Solid and Striped

They make some really classic swimwear options – especially good for anyone who loves a stripe. Would also love to see more diversity on their social.


A post shared by Solid & Striped (@solidandstriped) on Jun 29, 2018 at 6:45am PDT

We Are Lively

A sweet lingerie brand with some sweet swimsuits, and some lovely designs and messaging.


A post shared by LIVELY (@wearlively) on May 26, 2018 at 6:12am PDT

Catfish Designs

Adorable playful swimsuits for athletes – and the rest of us! A love a brand that’s fun and functional. And these two superstars swam Rottnest wearing them.


A post shared by Catfish Designs (@catfishdesigns) on Feb 27, 2018 at 12:59am PST

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It's free! Image: Lyndi Cohen
It’s free! Image: Lyndi Cohen