Want to learn how to get more Instagram followers and likes?

Here are the 10 most common strategies used to get more followers (and more likes) in the health and fitness industry. 

1. Don’t eat sugar, carbs, fruit, gluten, dairy, meat etc.

But don’t forget to preach ‘balanced eating’. Hashtag #everythinginmoderation to help really confuse everyone.

2. Only post your highlights.

Because posting a selfie holding the detox tea box is way sexier than a photo of you shitting your pants. #ExplosiveDiahorrea

3. Talk about nutritional benefits on a ‘cellular level’

When you don’t even know what that means. Justify that complex biochemical processes happen because of ‘lots of nutrients’. 

4. Always share selfies at the gym.

Because if you don’t, did you even really go? 

5. Give nutrition advice.

When you don’t have a qualification… Even though you’d never trust a doctor without a medical degree. 

6. Share a photoshopped photo of you in a bikini.

Talk about how you’re learning to love your imperfections and love your body the way it is. 

7. Endorse a nutrition supplement.

That has never been researched or backed up by clinical evidence. Get paid by big pharma but forget to endorse fruit and vegetables because farmers (spelt differently) can’t afford to pay your bills. 

8. Spend $100 million dollars on superfoods.

Make sure people can’t pronounce at least one ingredient. 

9.  Post a photo for no other reason than you look good.

Then write a vague caption trying to link it back to health and fitness in some way. If in doubt, share an inspirational quote (written by you, of course). 

10. Look like a model.

Be born with great genes. Or get plastic surgery/expensive treatments and pretend your new looks are due to your healthy lifestyle and nutrition supplement. 

Why not keep it real, instead?

For influencers trying to get more (real) love on social media…

  1. Share your struggles along with your successes. People want to see both sides of you. People will connect with you when they understand that you understand them.

  2. Most people live in the real (not health) world. Try to make easy, affordable and everyday recipes that don’t contain a billion superfoods and cost $465 million dollars per serve.

  3. Watch out for the social media vortex. An innocent social media stalk can suck you up and spit you out again, leaving you feeling not good enough.

  4. Be clear on how much time you spend on social media. Schedule social media free time into your day. Don’t take your phone to bed.

 Share the highlights but keep It Real. People want to see both sides of you.

Share the highlights but Keep It Real. People want to see both sides of you.

If you want real health and fitness inspiration on social media:

  1. Get inspiration from health influencers but take your nutrition advice from people with qualifications.

  2. Unsubscribe from people who make you feel like you’re not pretty/thin/successful enough.

  3. Notice when the images don’t align with the captions.

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Disclaimer: This post is meant to entertain and educate. Did it work? Of course, I don’t recommend you follow any of these 9 strategies. In fact, I think you’ll be far more successful if you do the exact opposite!