Ultimate self-care app for a healthy pregnancy

Get pregnancy-safe workouts and recipes, expert women’s health advice, postnatal support and effortless meal planning all in one place.

Everything you need in one app

100+ safe workouts suited to your trimester
Expert women’s health advice to support your changing body
400+ pregnancy-friendly recipes
Easily create a customisable weekly healthy shopping list
Seamlessly shop ingredients from the app
Mindset videos to help with cravings, nausea and more
Postnatal rehab programs to rebuild strength safely after birth

Everything you need in one app

100+ safe workouts for each trimester

Do our pregnancy-safe exercise plan from home
  • "I absolutely love Back to Basics Pregnancy - I’m so glad Lyndi and the team have developed it!"
    - Heather
  • "The app is perfect! The recipes are so good."
    - Victoria M
  • "So so glad I got to use this in my pregnancy."
    - Bec
  • "With no pressure of a “program” or “diet”"
    - Julia C
  • "I got so much benefit from the program."
    - Saatchi S

Created by leading womens’ health experts

Support for nausea, constipation, fatigue and more
  • "I love cooking healthy meals for my family, but often run short on time in the planning required to do this consistently."
    - Joekelie
  • "Back to basics is such a great program for anyone wanting to save time and make no fuss recipes that taste delicious."
    - Andrea
  • "I'm really enjoying the database of easy to make, no fuss recipes which are delicious."
    - Lorraine
  • "Back to basics is a breath of fresh air in a world saturated by diet culture."
    - Nichola
  • "I am really enjoying back to basics and it is very affordable compared to a lot of other programs."
    - Mishy

Protect your pelvic health

On-demand videos with leading women’s health physio Angela James

Pregnancy friendly pilates & yoga

Maintain mobility safely with trimester based pilates & yoga led by experts

Safely rebuild strength after birth

Step-by-step postnatal pilates program by Pilates Instructor Shira

Love (&nourish) your changing body

Nutrition and body image support by Dietitian Lyndi Cohen

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More energy, less anxiety

Swap old wives tales for trusted expert advice

Why I created Back to Basics Pregnancy App

When I fell pregnant, I was overwhelmed by all the changes happening in my body. And I had so many questions! What foods are safe on a pregnancy diet? What is the best pregnancy workout? How much weight should I gain in pregnancy? I wanted an app to easily access trustworthy pregnancy advice in one spot.

So as a specialist dietitian, I created Back to Basics Pregnancy App along with some of the best women’s and pregnancy health experts. In the app, you’ll get delicious pregnancy-friendly recipes, safe pregnancy workouts for each trimester - and a step-by-step postnatal rehabilitation for after birth. My team of womens health and pregnancy experts will guide you through all the weird and wonderful things you can expect during pregnancy - and beyond.

Meet the experts

Lyndi Cohen
Dietitian & Nutritionist
Angela James
Women’s health physiotherapist and pelvic health specialist
Emily Tan
Prenatal Pilates Instructor
Amy Giuliano
Prenatal Yoga Instructor
Shira Rosenberg
Postnatal Rehabilitation
Terry Diamond
Pregnancy Loss Counselor